Historical Pictures of People & Places

The six people above are all Americans, but could not be more different if they tried. Can you name each one? Yes…you can.

Are we alone in this world?

All Alone in This World

This song was written and produced by Duane Parham. The vocalist is Reverend Linda Lowery.

Saxophonist Duane Parham

How is our society dealing with poverty?

Children Are Victims of the Poor
The Hungry Wait in Long Lines
Jobs Are Scare or Non-Existent.
Children Are Ripped from the Arms of Parents

Is ageism the new racism?

Many Are Living in Poverty or Homeless

Loneliness and Hunger Fill Their Days
Pain…But. . . No Medical Insurance
Many Feel Lost…Thrown Away….

America is the richest country in the world, yet…so many people live in poverty, pain and loneliness.



    1. You so right! Surrounded by God’s intelligence, love and trust, we always have clear directions to follow, the inner strength to activate them and the understanding to believe they will happen.


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