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My name is Dr. Mamie Smith COO of EDUCATIONAL ARTS SOCIETY, a 501 c 3 non-profit . . . and I am always looking for ways to make money for our organization.  We “stand up for the arts” with a variety of artistic and music programs: Private Music Lessons (some FREE), an Online Radio Station, Annual Telethon, 20-Dollar Shoppe, The Unsung Musicians of the Motown Empire Documentary, to name a few).

I was wondering if you could use more funding for your non-profit.

Well . . . I have a name, email and phone number of a person I work with . . . that I would like to give you.  Linda Carter: 248 525-98 70 or email: shoplindacharter@gmail.com.

I will need a contact person’s name, email and phone number to make the connection between you and my contact person or you may make it yourself using the information above.

Thank you,

Dr. Mamie Smith, COO Educational Arts Society