Real Life “FUNNY” Happenings


Real Life “Funny” Happenings

My fingers hit the computer keys fast and hard as I rushed to download 20 pictures in a file on the Photo section of CVS.  It was important to get them done so that they could be printed the same day.  Finally, the last one was in, and I felt a sense of triumph as I clicked the “Check-out” button.

A couple of hours went by and as I was checking my emails for other news, I saw the message “Your photos are ready for pick-up.”  Even though I had checked “same day” for readiness, I expected to get the email the following day, and had not dressed in a manner that I felt comfortable for “going out.”  Hastily, I grabbed my sunglasses and took a quick look at myself in the mirror. . .

“Hmm-m-m, you look alright, get your car keys and go!”

As I drove the three or four miles to the store, I was a bit annoyed by the whole thing.  On one hand I was glad the pictures were ready but, on the other hand, I was not happy with my appearance.

Walking over to the photo counter at CVS, my voice heard someone say, “May I have your name.”

“M. Smith.”

Glancing up, I found myself staring at what appeared to be a seventeen or eighteen-year-old kid.  He walked over and checked a bin with several picture envelopes in it and said, “What did your say your name was?”

“M. Smith, S-M-I-T-H.”

“Did someone tell you they were ready?”

Yes …, I wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t.”  I thought to myself, “What’s wrong with him?”

“I got an email …”

“Well, it does not appear to be here, are you sure it was this store?”

“Well…yes, I put in my zip code and several CVS stores jumped up, and this one said “Long Lake,” which is the only one in the group closest to me.”

“Ah-ah-a, it’s probably the Livernois and Long Lake store, ours don’t say “Long Lake.”

“Well this is Long lake and John R.”

“I know but, ours says “John R, no Long lake.”

“That’s confusing, how would I know that?  You guys need to change that because it confuses people.”

“I know … we get people saying that all the time.”

“Ok, how do I get there?”

“Just take Long Lake all the way to Livernois.  It’s in a little mall on the right. I’m sorry.”

I could feel the annoyance slipping away from me, so I replied, “Thank you, I’ll hike over there.”  Picking up a bin of caramel-coated popcorn, I said, “I’ll take this.”

The young man picked up the bin and said, “This one is too old, see, it’s a week old.  I’ll get another one.”  A minute later, facing me he said, “This is the only one.”

“Well, I guess I will be eating week old popcorn.”  An older clerk who had come up without my noticing her, mumbled something, and the young clerk said, “I’ll take a dollar off.”

I thought to myself, “I don’t care, just sell me the stuff so I can get out of here.”  But because by now, all sense of annoyance had evaporated, I spoke calmly in a very pleasant manner, “Thank you, I appreciate that!”

Picking up my popcorn, I made my way to my car and rather speedily, drove to the Livernois CVS.

Upon entering, I filed in line behind four other shoppers.  When an elderly woman approached the counter, she began to chastise the clerk about what she viewed as a tissue problem.  “Your tissue is placed beside items that it should not be.  People with allergies cannot have fumes from that! “

The person giving her service was a middle-aged Mid-easterner wearing a large turban, a unique beard and mustache and had an expression plastered on his face that revealed, “What the hell …”  The woman continued her monologue, “You need to put the tissues somewhere else.”  Watching the exchange, my thoughts went back to my CVS exchange with the young clerk.  Did I look like this woman?  The whole episode was hilarious!  Finally, another clerk told the woman that CVS did have tissue in another place in the store if she did not like the first place.  Standing there listening to them, it was difficult to keep from laughing.

Why am I writing about this experience?  It caused me to realize that some of the things we complain about in life, get frustrated about, are not worth the effort put into them.  We only cause strife for ourselves and others.  There are far more important things to get upset about besides tissue placement and where a CVS store is located.  I am learning to pick my battles more carefully.