The covers tells the dark history of America.
This book is a story that opens thought to the healing of racism that has plagued America for 400 years.

An American Story Quotes hit at the heart of the attitudes of many Americans today. Centuries of fighting to be seen with dignity and respect has given Blacks an inner strength that is handed down from generation to generation. Equality is an attribute that comes from biblical history. It is seen in the story of the Israelites in the Bible . . . Jews around the world, Native Americans and now African Americans. The battle goes on. Why? Because “man is made in God’s image,” not the image of red, yellow, black or white people. Getting the world to understand that concept is part of the crusade. Once that sinks in, energy, courage and perseverance take over. Each quote reveals these struggles in some way.



“Pointing a finger at someone else, opens the door in the opposite direction.”

“Who said when you fall down … you have to lie there?”

“Walking uphill in life, strengthens your legs to jump over hoops.”

“When life throws you a curve ball, have the skills to duck.”

“The things you see in others, are the same things you have in you!”

“No person is better or worse than another.  We are all governed by the thoughts held in consciousness.”

“ One Person’s Bondage Affects the Freedom of All.”

“The experiences you have, are based on the thoughts you hold.”

“Your self is what you see in another self.”

“The freedoms we share, are based on the freedoms we embrace.”

“What you believe, is who you are.”

“Self-denial, imprisons the person denying.”

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Dr. Mamie Smith, writer of An American Story Quotes.
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