An American Story: My Family and Yours

“The book shares with the world how the author’s personal experiences of racism, inequality and derailment of civil rights, were replaced with the discovery of her true identity.”


“Hi Mamie:

 I wanted to express to you how much I appreciated all the research that went into tracing your family’s ancestors and the deep feelings of pride, respect and love that you felt for them.  What a great gift to your widely extended family to have this record and narrative available to them now and for future generations.  I hope, too, that it will bring you back in touch with more distant family members forming fresh links.  I think my favorite part was your description of your childhood written in great detail of place and experience.  Your memories are vivid and beautifully written. Your book is  is both personal and timely. I felt that one could look forward through your ancestors’ eyes and feel their pride in the strong individuals they brought forth even through the personal challenges they faced, and how touched they would be to know that four generations later their lives would be embraced in a richly woven family fabric. — Wouldn’t they be amazed at the extensive family tree they planted?
Thank you, too,

Great! Wonderful experiences! Thanks! Unknown

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