Spiritual existence occurs when we express all that God created us to be.

The True Nature of Man

The Spiritual Man

The true nature of man has many faces in the eyes of mortal thinking, but only one face, in the eyes of God. Understanding the difference is as challenging today, as it was over 2024 years ago. This article will give two (2) different meanings of man: one material, the other, spiritual. Some will grasp the difference, others will not. Understandings comes from how man views God, and the man he created. This article is not written to please, but to inform.

Fleshly Embryo or Spiritual Man

“That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit” (John 3: 6).

What is the spiritual meaning behind these words? It depends on the spiritual understanding one has of God. Many “so-called” Christians ranting and raving about abortion, embryos and fetuses, haven’t a clue as to the meaning of those words. Jesus is making a clear distinction between flesh and Spirit. He sees them in opposition to each other. One is spiritual, the other is material. If one is present, the other is absent. A simplistic comparison is night and day. Just as night and day cannot exist at the same time, neither does material man and spiritual man.

Jesus considered himself the “Son of God” and God as Spirit. He taught God’s nature, not mortal man’s nature. Spirit is a synonym for God and God is not a sperm, egg or embryo. Such a definition is mortal imagination–based on ill-advised human logic. Attributes of Spirit are faith, hope, love, perfection, peace and joy. Anything not expressing such qualities is human, not divine.

No National Christianity!

There is no National Christianity! That is a political ploy to transform thinking in the way of mortal mind’s choosing. Christianity, rooted in a strong faith in the teachings of Jesus, is all that manifests God. God does not trample on the rights of others; he waits patiently for us to connect spiritually with Him/Her. How do I know? Over 70 years of serving God and emulating Jesus in thought, word and physical healing.

The Foundation of the True Nature of Man

The basis of Jesus’ teaching of the true nature of man, is defined in Genesis 1: 27: “And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Let’s tackle the “male and female created he them,” first. Why? Because many people believe Jesus was referring to the gender of man. He was not! He was referring to feminine and masculine qualities God has bestowed on all of his creation. Tenderness, compassion, comfort, grace, mercy and love are feminine qualities, whereas strength, power, justice, impartiality, order and lawfulness are masculine qualities. Each of us is equipped with all of these qualities. Why? Because they reflect the “image and likeness of God.” God does not make a difference between his image and likeness, mortal man does.

Contemporaries of Jesus: Hypocrisy

The Pharisees and Sadducees politicized Christianity. They spoke words but lived in opposition to them. Jesus rebuked their teachings. What did they do? They had him killed. Violence was their pathway to freedom, just as it is for many people today. Jesus demonstrated love, peace, purity of thought and divine anointing. In 2024, faith-minded people revere Jesus and rebuke those guys.

What is an Embryo?

An embryo is not God’s creation. It represents a false assessment of man’s true nature. A fetus is not a spiritual being, it is a belief man is mortal, temporal and subject to decay and dust. The man of God’s creation is made up of spiritual ideas that are eternal and possesses nothing that is sinful and destructive. God is Spirit and the man he created is spiritual.

Christianity comes from the word “Christ,” and Christ is the godliness that occupies human thinking, thereby, erasing all sense of fleshly, material and mortal thoughts.

A Divine Law

Finally, God is the One Individual, the Government of all goodness, perfection and holiness. It is this government that controls human thinking and keeps it on track. No mortal man can change another’s thought patterns, that is an individual choice. The only thing humans can do, is destroy the physical structure, but not individual thinking. Paul, Joseph, Elijah and Jesus proved this point…so did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Individual man expresses Individual God. How? Because he is made in “the image and likeness of God.” The passage of human laws will not alter individual thinking. When will human logic arrive at this understanding? True logic is divine, human logic, (without a transformation to divinity), falls by the wayside.

My fellow Americans, let us focus on proving in everyday experiences the divine laws of God, and then and only then…will we express the true nature of man.