America’s New Vision

 To prosper harmoniously, America’s new vision must pattern itself after John’s vision. He says: “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, (Revelation 21: 1, 2). If we are to see as John saw, what is the first step? Stop highlighting darkness and determine what “a new heaven and earth” look like? What is a new earth? How do we find the new heaven? Is faith the light that shines in the darkness? These are questionings this article will answer.

Faith: America’s New Vision

Faith is a challenging experience, rising to supernatural contemplation. So, “keeping the mental feet on the ground” must become a reality! When you have just lost your job and another undeserving person got it, faith can be far away. When you child was shot down in the streets, grief may overpower faith. Because many citizens have turned away from the moral values of freedom, equality and justice, faith appears to be in “never, never land.” How do we turn from darkness to light? Faith must become America’s new vision.

Stop the Bleeding!

Stopping the bleeding is exactly what you must do! If you slice your finger, you grab “something” to stop the blood from flowing. It may be as simple as wrapping a bandage around it or pressing the wound until it ceases to bleed. Apply the same principle to “bleeding thoughts!” Find a way to stop the thoughts from focusing on the present predicament. It varies from person to person. I use simple thoughts like: “Are these thoughts changing anything? What’s a better thought? What is the opposite of what I am thinking? How can I stop being angry? If that guy Jesus were here, what would he do? How can I throw out the old and bring in the new?

The New Earth

Most individuals see earth as dirt, water, trees, mountains and other sensual items but John’s earth was a “state of thought.” It centered on faith, joy, peace, goodness and love, in spite of what the five (5) physical senses were showing him. His human eye may have seen evil, but his spiritual eye saw love. Have you ever experienced that? I have. It’s called “the Christ.” I broke my wrist, and it was only connected to my arm by skin. Mentally, I saw perfection and the pain disappeared. That was my “new earth.”

Not only did John see a new earth, but he also saw a “new heaven.” I call that heaven, harmony–a state of thought where only perfection is present. How does this vision apply to America?

America’s New Vision

It is almost impossible for an artist to capture “heaven,” mainly because most people view it as a “location in the sky” and not a state of thought. Spiritually, it is an elevation of thought that replaces all disharmony. Heaven means harmony. How does one connect this to a new vision of America? Since 2008, Americans have been in a state of “mental transition,” sometimes good and sometimes evil.

Progress to many citizens means freedom, justice and equality for all. To others, it means money, power and control. How does one reconcile it all? By recognizing that there is only One Power–God. Having “no other God” but one, allows us to get to the same mentality. Simplistically, it means filling our thoughts with qualities like righteousness, purity, grace, sincerity, immortality, kindness and divine intelligence. When you fill your thoughts with divine Love, hate, fear and anger disappear. They cannot exist in the same spot. Practice it, and step-by-step, you will gain America’s new vision.

Sprucing Up Vision

“Sprucing up vision” means replacing what the eyes and ears see and hear, and envisioning the opposite of what the senses behold. It’s a minute-by-minute exercise. The more you do it, the better you can do it. Vision is mental, not physical. It is “the Christ’ entering consciousness and taking away “the sins of the world.” Once the world ceases in thought, the “new heaven” begins. . . leading each American to “America’s New Vision.”