We Are Connected

We are connected in many ways as humans, but in only one way that really counts. Scientists, religionists and philosophers have spent centuries identifying the interconnections of mankind. This writer will summarize aspects of that knowledge and reveal how the “one connection” aids humanity.

Spirit is the Source of Connection

We hear often, “You need to talk to God?’ or “What is God telling you?” Most of us cannot answer those questions because we have no idea what a conversation with God looks like! We tell God what we want and expect God to grant it. If that does not happen, we blame God or ourselves…mostly, blame God. Failure results because humans try to communicate with God at a human level instead of a spiritual level.

Spirit: Source of Connection

Spirit Enables the Connection

Why do we seek to communicate with God at a human level? Because that is all we know. Many religionists say God is Spirit but have not experienced a true relationship with God themselves. So, they mouthed words with no definable action. God is not human, never has been, nor ever will be. God is Spirit … so to communicate with Him/Her, man has to become spiritual. How do you do that? The first step is understanding who God is, as Spirit.

Spirit is that which the five (5) physical senses cannot comprehend. Words that define Spirit are: Mind, Love, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth. They all combine to identify One God. Each contributes to the wholeness and nature of God. For example, Spirit is substance–what everything is truly made of; Mind is divine intelligence; Love is unconditional kindness, peace and grace; Soul is awareness of spiritual senses, purity and harmony; Principle is divine Law; Life is the essence of Being; and Truth is the opposite of error or sin. Understanding these concepts is the first step to practicing them. If one does not understand, one cannot demonstrate. Hint: Understanding God is eternal . . . a continuing process.

Are Spirituality and Humanity Connected?

God is Spirit

That which is human is the opposite of that which is divine. So . . . the answer to the question “Are spirituality and humanity connected?” is No! Can one reach a level of spirituality while living as a human on earth? Yes. What is the difference? Connecting to God is a mental process. Human thought must be transformed to higher levels of thought before it can connect with the divine. How is that done? Through the presence of the Christ. Christ is the divine manifestation of God that speaks to us humanly. It was the message Jesus conveyed to mankind during his life as a human. His thought was always connected to God, causing him to say, “I and my Father are one.”

Linking Thought to Godliness

Having an affinity to communicate with God must be practiced…there is no other way. It’s like trying to play the piano without ever having practiced. Jesus, the greatest demonstrator of Truth, began as a child. What does a conversation with God look like? It’s lifting thought to a consciousness where you “mentally see” nothing but goodness, mercy, love, beauty, harmony and peace. Everything else has been removed from thought. It’s learning what it means to be spiritually good, merciful and peaceful. On a daily basis, it’s studying Jesus and biblical prophets, what they did, how they did it and why it was done. Finally, it is removing angry, bitter, resentful, greedy, hateful and controlling thoughts from consciousness every time they appear. I know . . . it is working in a way you have never done before! God is good and pure. So, to unite with God . . . you must mentally become godly.

How Does Knowing We Are Connected Serve Humanity?

Connection with the Christ removes all thoughts of materiality.  We are connected by lifting thought from the human to the divine.
Let Your Light Shine

The best way to serve mankind is to serve God. Serving God opens the way to hear divine messages that guide you in serving mankind. Knowing that we are created by One, Supreme Being, gives a spiritual sense of brotherhood. God is Spirit, and he has endowed us with the same qualities. No one has more than the other. And… those qualities are spiritual. External forces such as color, race, creed and ethnicity are human beliefs. Destroying those beliefs lead us into self-identification and brotherhood identification. Each one of us has the capacity to express those qualities in individual ways. Why? Because God is Individual, and we reflect his individuality.

Striving each day to understand our highest sense of right, keeps us demonstrating infinite ways that reveal . . . we are connected.