Acknowledgment Yields Progress: Denial Maintains Status Quo

Yes…I realize “Acknowledgment Yields Progress: Denial Maintains Status Quo” is a long title, but the clarity of thought outweighs the length. However, before diving into thoughts “rolling around” in my head, let’s define the meaning of “progress” and “status quo.” After perusing several dictionary meanings, this one is the most acceptable: “movement to an improved or more developed state, or to a forward position.” “Status quo” is the opposite of progress. My best definition is “keeping the existing condition or state of affairs.” Hey! Would you like an example of both?

Progress represents acknowledgment of wrongness and embracing a sense of right.  Denial maintains the status quo.
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Examples of Acknowledgment Yields Progress and

Denial Maintains Status Quo

Here it is: a young child grows up in an environment where he is taught, lives and sees everyone he loves and admires stating “two plus two equals ten.” Thus, he sees that phrase as the definition of his life, what life is and more importantly, what life should be. Because his value system centers around 2+2=10, trying to convince him otherwise is futile. However, those of us who understand the principles of mathematics, know . . . 2+2=4.

What is the first step in reaching the young child’s false mentality? It is teaching him the principles of mathematics…not trying to get him to practice them. And…as long as he believes 2+2=10, he will deny the truth that 2+2=4. He will be rigid is his denial, using every false claim found to prove his so-called “truth.” Consequently, until he acknowledges the falsity of his premise (2+2=10), he will mentally and sometimes physically, maintain the status quo. This simplistic example defines the cultural system in America today.

Cultural Differences in America

For hundreds of years, America has failed to admit the white race is superior to no one. Intelligence, wisdom, understanding, compassion, peace, success and progress are qualities of white, black, brown, red and yellow people…all of America! No race is superior to another…no one race built America nor maintains it. That is a “piece of the pie” that’s missing. Until this societal error is corrected, only minimal success will be achieved.

The pictures above, represent the discrepancy of thought among Americans today. Half the country seeks to maintain the status quo or revert to a “master-slave mentality” based on race. The other half recognizes that if we are to continue progressing, we must embrace diversity where no race is supreme. Millions of Americans would destroy democracy to maintain white supremacy. Others advocate: “We must overcome a distorted and twisted mentality if we desire to progress as a nation.” What is the pathway to success? Which road will we travel? What is the answer?

What side are you on?  Do you agree with acknowledgment yields progress or denial maintains status quo?

The Scarcity of Conscience

For centuries, mankind has asked, “Does that person have a conscience?” What prompts such a question? The questioner is mentally assessing the observed inhumane treatment his “inner self” is having difficulty processing. He cannot believe one human being could do to another what his physical senses are witnessing! My conscience cannot process America’s mass killings! What kind of mind sees this as a solution to anything?

Labeling it as “mental illness,” is evading the real problem. It’s a mind far removed from the meaning of Life, Truth and Love–a mind filled with fear, hate and a distorted view of reality. In less than two months, over 60 killings have occurred in this country. Yet, leadership and lawmakers do nothing except “rationalize it” with a form of “mental illness” within themselves. Many rationalizers call themselves “christians.” The small “c” was used because that thinking has not a shred of Christianity or spirituality in it. It is as false as the gods worshipped centuries ago. “Conscience” is a state of mind guided by a sense of right and wrong, based on the principles of divine justice, equality, goodness, Love, mercy and humility. It’s that still, small voice that says, “That’s wrong…don’t do it.” What do we do?

Identify the Essence of Acknowledgment Yields Progress: Denial Maintains Status Quo

Today, Americans are “pursuing Godliness in a godless world.” We are still asking millions of people to practice “2+2=4” when they have a mindset of “2+2=10.” They cannot practice it because they do not believe it exists. Reality cannot be demonstrated where fantasy rules! Mankind’s corrupt consciousness has to be “emptied” before it can be filled with truth. One cannot put orange juice in a bottle already filled with orange juice…no matter how bad the juice in the bottle tastes. First, we must pour out the bad juice in order to fill it with good juice. Am I getting to you? The “white supremacy problem” must be identified and dispelled before it can be practiced.

Changing the Rudiments of America

Acknowledgment Yields Progress. If we are to change the mindset of this country, our laws, schools, churches, businesses, cultural nuances and societal norms must reflect and demonstrate “white people are superior to no other race.” We have half-stepped for over 400 years. That has gotten us where we are today. Enslavement of people was, is and ever will be spiritually and morally wrong! All races must engage in truthful, meaningful conversations about what they believe is right and strive to learn from each other. There is no room for lies, deceit and “cover-ups.” Key words and actions like honesty, humility and human decency must lead the way. Denial maintains the status quo.

Who Benefits with the Status Quo?

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The answer is easy: white people. In an atmosphere of “you are less that I am,” people of color receive second-class “everything!” The way to fix that is to recognize . . . acknowledgment yields progress and denial maintains the status quo. There is only one man, the man made in the image and likeness of God. That man is not black, brown, red, yellow or white…he is spiritual.