Music of Dr. Mamie

Music of Dr. Mamie

The Joys of Christmas is a celebration of the holiness and joy of a special time of the year.
Dr. Smith Sings Christmas Songs

Music of Dr. Mamie celebrates the Christmas season. Sweet Little Jesus Boy tenderly, expresses Baby Jesus as having no particular color but represents the love, peace and compassion within us. Listen!

Christ is Godliness

Christmas Music Brings Reflections

As we approach the holidays, let us reflect on the spirit of Christmas, not on how many gifts we give or receive. The greatest gift is the message taught and lived by Jesus–the gift of love. There is so much hatred, anger, bitterness and greed in America today. Every day seems to generate a fight! Silence the inner turmoil and rest in “heavenly peace.”

Silent Night with Ivana Butler

Biblically, I believe the night or day the man Jesus was born was a night of silence. It was not the silence heard with the human ear, but a silence of the evils of the world. The Baby Jesus represented the man who would teach, live and heal as an example of how the rest of us should live. Too many of us have forgotten that message!

Click on “Silent Night” in the Red Box

Joy came to the world that silent night! Why! Because “the Lord (had) come!” And . . . he is still here. I have only to open my thought and let him into my heart. Daily, that is my challenge! Let it be yours. Nothing else matters. All of the billions of dollars, houses, businesses, yachts, human prestige and power will be left behind. No one places them in a casket. So . . . loving a little more, may help us fit into the casket of brotherhood. Joy to the World! Listen to it!

Let Music of Dr. Mamie Raise You Up

Lift Up Somebody

“You Raise Me Up” is the first CD of Music of Dr. Mamie. She was lifted out of the belief that making a CD had passed her by. Click on “You Raise Me Up” in the red box!

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