Advertise your business and locate the pathway of discovery. Are you interested in placing your ad on this site? Super! Does your ad reveal strategies using social media and phrases that reach your preferred audience? Who is your target market?

Reaching Your Target Market

Advertise your business and add up the sales!

A successful ad will include a look, logo and identity that’s instantly recognizable.  Your message should identify the problem your products or services are designed to solve, guide the customer to them and create an urgency to get there. Here are a few pointers:

  • Grab viewers’ attention.
  • Connect the brand to the creative.
  • Deliver a clear and memorable message.
  • Encourage viewers to take action.
  • Explain the benefits of doing so.

Guidelines to Advertise Your Business

There are two (2) ways to advertise your business with us. Create the ad yourself and upload it to us or ask us to create a flyer for your ad. Flyers are created by one of our partners at a cost of $19.99. Learn more by clicking the link.

Once your self-completed ad is uploaded to us, it will be marketed on our platform for seven (7) consecutive days, Monday through Sunday, three (3) times daily at a cost of ten ($10.00) weekly. This means that your ad will be shown twenty-one (21) times in one week. To continue weekly marketing, additional funding is required.


To purchase “Advertise Your Business, Click the cart icon or use arrows to purchase the number (1) advertising for one week. Move the “up arrow,” for the number (2) purchase for two weeks; the number (3) purchase for three weeks and so on. Check out when you have completed the number of weeks desired.