The New America

We must find the new America, an America where people “are not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” This is the basis of a “free America.” Before 2008, we were moving toward that “more perfect union,” what happened? Barack Hussein Obama became president, and many Americans began to “look backwards.” This article defines what we must do as a country to achieve the new America.

And …John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God, out of heaven. . .
(Revelation: 21:2)

The New America

What John saw parallels the new America. He saw a city where “there was no night there.” Night is defined as darkness of thought. It is thinking that pits one person against another. It says, “If you are white, wealthy, powerful and lawless, you are better than anyone else!” That statement is how many people define the Trump Administration. America, this is darkness of thought! The man God created is spiritual! He has enlightened thought! Let’s talk about that!

The light that has to shine in the hearts of the new America, is spiritual understanding.

What is Enlightened Thought?

St. John’s city was not a physical city, it was illuminated thought–a people whose minds and actions represented “divine activity of thought.” What is that? It’s mental activity that’s pure, unadulterated and “armed” with progressive, moral ideas. Those ideas recognize that God “is no respecter of persons.” He looks at goodness, mercy, kindness, peacefulness, justice and equality as representing Himself. No black, brown or white thoughts exist! Truth is moral, ethical and unpolluted with political garbage! Many Americans have made “politics” a god. Going to church has replaced “love your neighbor as yourself.” People sitting in decisive leadership positions, “thumb their noses at American laws and policies.” Hey! It is what it is!

Let us sit down together and map out a plan for the new America.  That plan must include all people equally.

Becoming the New America

This writer sees an America free of bigotry, racial, sexual and cultural biases. Sitting at the same table does not mean placing the body there, it means placing the mind there. It’s a mind that understands all people are created equal. The foundation of the new America cannot be an attitude that reeks of “I’m more than,” money, power and control of others.

Today, we are a divided nation, and a divided nation will not stand. People with a semblance of morality and integrity, remain silent while others with little or none, govern the country. As history records, having such a government, leads to self-destruction. Hatred, cruelty, discrimination and “nastiness” rule the minds of much of the populace. Honesty, integrity and truth, have escaped the highest offices of government. Even I know some of the rulings of judges at the supreme level, are distorted and bias. America . . . who are we?

It is daily practice of divine laws.

Christianity is a relationship, not an ingredient that is used on Sunday and thrown away on Monday. It dictates thoughts, words and action that unify not segregate. The essence of that relationship is not doing to other people what you do not want done to you . . . a Ten Commandment. Why is this article emphasizing divine law? Because peace, harmony and unity cannot be demonstrated without it! In short America, we must serve one God…not one religion. In so doing . . . we will create “the new America.”