This book help you discover whether your thinking is mortal or immortal.

As you stare at the picture above, it may be unclear why such an image would be used in reference to the question “Which is real, mortal or immortal?” Answer: Because to many human minds, both are real. They say: God created both that which is human and divine. This writer is in complete opposition to that viewpoint. That which is mortal is in opposition to that which is immortal. Both cannot dwell in the same place. Consequently, if you have one, the other is absent.


The image shows clearly this understanding. How? To the human mind, diseases are healed by pills, surgery, chemo and other medical means of healing, whereas the light that moves from the pill bottle to the cross, reveals true healing comes from “the light of Truth.” The cross is the means by which we arrive at that understanding. Wait . . . wait, let’s back up a bit! Before you decide insanity is the pervading thought, let’s tackle the meaning of the words mortal and immortal.

Mortality is Human

All Human Beings Are Mortal

Whether you realize it or not, all human beings are mortal. They are in stark contrast to the divine being. What makes us human? Answer: Anything that separates us from divinity such as: physical body, thoughts that are not godly, flesh and blood, selfish thoughts, the brain, anything perceived by the five senses.

The human never reaches the divine. However, some human thoughts are better than others. For example, it is more loving to be respectful of others because they are part of the human race than to hate people because they look and think differently from you. But both viewpoints are not divine. The question arises: Does believing in a religion make one person more divine than another? Not necessarily.


Many people who do not claim a religious nature are kinder than those who do. Human thoughts have their foundation as truth in that which the senses view as true. “I saw a red vehicle hit a blue one.” That could be very true, but the truth is determined by what the eyes see. Another example: “My friend died of COVID 19.” That could be very true, but it is based on the belief that the friend lived in the physical structure. That structure is flesh and blood. When it ceased to breathe, the human man calls it death. Mortals die, immortals are eternal.


Mankind has a difficult time forming an image of immortality or divinity because it is not perceived by the senses. The only way a connection is made, is mentally. That is only a small part . . . the connection is and must be outside the realm of human logic. Describing a connection to God is challenging at best. It is not emotional, but is a feeling of profound goodness, mercy and love.


Many humans have never reached that level of spirituality. Such a feeling asserts God is in complete control of everything good, and whatever seems to be negatively impacting one’s life, is simply based on mortal beliefs, not spiritual understanding. It also recognizes that humanly, no one has the power to do anything. Everything good comes totally from God.

The greatest reward comes from knowing God made everyone in his “image and likeness,” and that all being is perfect. Mortal claims that God created “flesh and blood” was denounced by Jesus over 2000 years ago. He did so by saying, “Flesh is flesh and spirit is spirit.” Spirit, being a synonym for God, matches Moses’ Verse 27 in Genesis 1 that says “God made man in his image and likeness” and all that he made “is good.” Hence, man’s eternal perfection. Mortality has not, is not, and never will be perfect.


A Woman Called: Mary Baker Eddy

“There is no life in matter . . . All is infinite Mind. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal. Matter is the unreal and temporal.”

From Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 468: 9-15.

Wrapping one’s head around such a statement, causes many biblical scholars pause, therefore, the writer understands the incredulity of the average individual. However, millions of people in the world have used it as a basis to heal not only sin, but sickness as well. Mrs. Eddy used it to revive the dead in the 19th century. However, from the cradle to the grave, humans are taught the opposite. The fleshly man they say, is the man God created and . . . the soul of man is inside of the physical body. It is released at death.


After gaining a spiritual understanding of God, I am sure Mary Baker Eddy would find that preposterous! The writer raises the question : If man is made in the image and likeness of God . . . wouldn’t that make God human? Turning to the question Which is real, mortal or immortal? there can only be one answer: immortal.

Whoa, wait a minute! Some say: “My child died . . . that was real!” I get that . . . my child died also. That entire experience was very real to my human sense. I grieved inwardly for two years, the only thing that kept me sane was my faith in God. Then . . . I began to understand her true nature.


What made her in the image and likeness of God? It was the smile that touched the lives of so many people! The faith she placed in God . . . the care with which she gave to others many laughed at or rejected . . . the willingness to follow God. It was her daily expression of love for her father and me. The last six months of her life were devoted to gaining a greater understanding of God. Those qualities did not follow her to the grave . . . we still have them. Further, accepting that Life is God, having no beginning and ending . . . I know she lives!


Mortality is unreal because God did not make it. God is Spirit, Soul, Mind, Truth, Life and Love. There is nothing fleshly about that. Those synonyms define God, divine Law . . . a Law that is always governing eternally. It never changes or becomes less than perfect. No one can perceive Principle, divine Law, with the five physical senses. It is acquired by moving thought outside of the human realm of thought. No one can fake it, pretend it exists. It has to exist or the person remains in the human realm of thought. Spirituality is divine thinking, that which is immortal, real and eternal.

If God is Spirit and man reflects God, man has to be spiritual.


How many of us have seen Jesus with our human eyes? No one. Yet . . . we see, feel and grasp the depth of his love. That makes it real. We use that love when we are humanly tested. Strangely, we find comfort in that love. What are divine statements? “Love one another as I have loved you. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Fear not, for I am with you . . . I will strengthen you . . . and uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness.” To the millions of people on earth, God, Allah, Universe, Light or whatever name you give him/her, God is real. The man he created is real and . . . that man is immortal!

Written by Dr. Mamie Smith