Define yourself! Most of us do not know who we are. We talk about ourselves all of the time with ignorance and deceit. There is only one Self . . . that Self is God. Throughout life, many questions focus on who we are. We are “selves” at one time or another. This article will focus on how each of us can define ourselves and discover our purpose in life–our true self. God is Self.


Soul is Self. Defining Soul means defining God. God is intelligence, substance, government, existence, truth and relationship. Everything and everyone have their source in God. And since God is good, they have to be good. This negates the fact that God knows evil, allows evil and uses evil to initiate a common good. Evil is evil and never approaches goodness. Such thinking is a lack of the understanding of God. Substance is Spirit and does not align itself with flesh and blood. The laws of God prove our existence, our truth, and govern the relationships we have with each other. Having no relationship with higher levels of thought means we have no basis for relationships with each other. God is All and we express that allness.


Define God and you learn yourself.

God is Ego–divine Self. As an expression of Self, we think, see and do things that Self would do. We reflect Self. Reflection is an exact replica of something. Your mirrored reflection looks like you and mimics what you do. Such is divine likeness. If God is Love, you and I can only express love. God as Truth, has paved the way for us to be truthful. Hate is no part of divine Self, so it cannot take root in our thoughts. Hatred felt by humans, is the false sense of how we view ourselves. It means we have separated our thinking from God. To acquaint yourself with the One Self, is to elevate every situation to that Self and find a solution for the human experience occurring.


Let’s suppose you define yourself as an attorney. Your job allows you to defend or prosecute. In either case, two modes of thought should precede any action: (1) What is divine Law? (2) How does the defendant or plaintiff reflect that Law? Having a clear understanding of these factors paves the way for handling the human situation in front of you. Most humans never start there. They start with the crime committed, the law that was violated and how the person will be defended or prosecuted. What has happened? The attorney has separated himself from the best way to proceed. He mentally hears only human problem-solving methods. Define yourself and live!