Jesus was the light of the world a left a day of resurrection for all of us.


Jesus was the “light of the world” and a day of resurrection for all of us. He not only gave us the tools, but showed us how to use them. Because of “his stripes,” we know how to handle adversity. His way was not with violence and revenge, but with love and forgiveness.


As I pondered a topic for this edition of The Writers Monthly, the question arose, “What should stir thought, motivate action and generate a sense of morality more than what is happening in America today?”  We have a country more divided than at anytime in most of our lives.  The Mueller Report reveals as a president a “cut above criminality.” One-half of Congress recognizes something must be done to right this wrong caused by the January 6th Insurrection, the other half pretending it did not happen. Over half of the populace is torn between what is happening and what should happen!  America is in a state of mental chaos.  What to do? We find a day of reconciliation.


It is simple…why is everyone making it complex?  We have the Golden Rule and Ten Commandments as a guide!  Why are people struggling with right and wrong?  We all know the things going on in this administration are clearly wrong?  Where is our moral fiber?  Have we forgotten the teachings of Jesus?  Do we not know and see the multitude of lies that flow out of the mouths of people? Who should be setting moral value examples for our children?   Are we not tired of looking the other way?  Do we not have a conscience anymore?  Where are our spiritual leaders?  Are they so deeply mired in immorality that they cannot become the leaders to be admired and respected?  Have we accepted as normal a person who lies practically every time he opens his mouth?  When will we pull the reigns on the leaders of our country?


We placed a person on the Supreme Court (the highest court in the land) who had a very creditable person accusing him of attempted rape?   We all knew, (even those who voted for him) the President did not exhibit the qualities a leader of this country should have…but many “so-called Christians,” as well as non-Christians, held their noses and voted him in.  Even today, many secretly say how unfit he is, but openly, give him praise.


America!  America!  We must once more, claim our true identity!  How do we do that?  “Love one another as (Jesus) loved us.”  We start by recognizing that no person is better or less than another…that color, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation do not define us.  We stop demeaning, name-calling, disrespecting laws, divine and human, and stand up for what is in our hearts and not our politics.  We remove laws from our books that clearly discriminate against others.  Money, as much as it is needed to function in the human world) should not and cannot be the governing factor in our lives. I ask . . . who are we?

Truth should not be so elusive.  It must be revitalized.
Truth Will Set Us Free.


What about “Bearing false witness against our neighbors?”   Every person is our neighbor.  To ridicule, intimidate, encourage others to hate and deprive them of human rights, is breaking that Commandment.

“Thou shall have no other gods before me.”  Guns, drugs and politics have become some of our gods.  People scream about their “Second Amendment” rights, what about the “right to live” without fear of being “mowed down” with an assault rifle while at school, church or simply walking the streets?  When is a law that allows a person to kill another because he thought he was in danger, a just law?  What has hatred and racism done to the minds of many Americans?  Again…who are we?

The Ten Commandments:  Let them shine the light that burned so brightly in Jesus.


Most of us love this country and are saddened by just how low human decency has reached in it today.  “Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy.”  Sabbath comes from the Hebrew word sabat which means “to stop, cease” or “to keep.”  What is it that Moses in Exodus is admonishing us to cease doing?   I would surmise it is breaking any of the other nine Commandments: Stop killing, stealing, coveting, dishonoring and serving other gods!  Every day must become a holy day—a day of resurrection, where we rise above anger, bitterness, corruption and all the et ceteras of evil.  The Constitution is human law, the Ten Commandments are God’s laws.  Let’s return to righteousness and be at peace.

Throughout this article, the question has been asked, “Who are we?”  Here’s the answer…

We are a nation that respects God’s laws, and …our Constitution,

Written by Dr. Mamie Smith