Autobiography by Duane Parham

Can You Hear Me Now? by Saxophonist Duane Parham is the key to his life story.
Audio of “Can You Hear Me Now?”

Can You Hear Me Now? summarizes the author’s journey in life—a life that begins with the endearing whispers of childhood, evolves into the struggles and pains of adolescence and explodes with the musical development, excitement and ecstasy of early adulthood.  You will travel with him as his life intertwines with famous musicians, mayors, historians, actors, entrepreneurs and even the family of the Late Martin Luther King Jr.  

As a child, Parham often wondered if his voice was heard, his mind examined and his desires respected. Those whom he admired most, sometimes turned a deaf ear to his cries. He struggled, but he never gave up. He fell . . . but he lifted himself up. You will laugh with him, shed tears with him, but will not miss the determination, courage and inner strength that pushed him forward. Click here for more information.

Duane Parham

The Saxophonist

Duane Parham: The Man with the Horn.  Can You Hear me Now?
The Man from Motown


Duane Parham is a fixture in Detroit, a national and international saxophonist and a legend in Detroit’s Jazz Hall of Fame.   You will get a candid look at the life of the Motown/Jazz/Gospel Legend and share in the lessons he learned in establishing the “key of his life.”

The Book

The Autobiography of Saxophonist Duane Parham.  Lessons in the Key of Life.


Can You Hear Me Now?  is a book of stories and every story has a plot…each plot is a life lesson, and each life lesson is the key to survival, solidarity and self-direction.  The reader will discover how to:

Work from the inside of self, not the outside of world.

Reach for his calling in life and not his career.

Recognize that struggling is the pathway to growth development and never devalue it!

Answers to “burning” questions, painful decisions and heart-wrenching disappointments will be found.  Using his musicianship, the author begins the book by whispering Can You Hear Me Now? walking the reader through the nuances of childhood, but as the journey into adulthood broadens, widens and yields to the twists and turns of maturity, the whisper becomes a screamand near the book’s conclusion, develops into a strong statement of affirmation: You Can Hear Me Now! 

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There are numerous stories of childhood friends, teachers, band members, Detroit friends and neighbors, celebrities and even a story of Duane’s experience with a president–see which one. No…it’s not President Barack Obama. That would have been super! And just maybe…there is a picture or story about you….

Can You hear me Now?  I am blowing my horn!
The Man with the Horn

The Music

Sit Back and Enjoy the “Sounds”