What are you looking for at a fashion show? Models that glow! Glowing means translating to the observer what your stroll across the runway means. It says my outfit radiates a warm, sunny day . . . my entire demeanor must do that too!

As a Model . . . I Light Up Your Day with a Smile.

Radiate with Ruggedness. It is Always in Style.

Even though ruggedness is the message, does this model say it with his appearance? What does his face say? Are his clothes a match for the message? Yes to all three! It may be assumed this guy is on vacation with nature surrounding him, but he is faced with a problem he has not yet figured out.

What’s going on back there?

How can I express a model that glows or radiates when something is going on back there? If you expect me to shine, help me figure this out. Models need confidence. I am too busy reaching behind to have it.

Hmm-mm -m, what’s going on over there? It’s a bit strange.
Wow! Being able to relax is great . . . the world can be stressful.
You know . . . some people may think I have on too many clothes . . . I don’t!
Wow! Where are you going? Do you step like models that glow?

I do. My first step is with poise and grace. Everything about me sparkles. From my shoes to my belt, I shine!

Surfing is my thing. Also…my stroll to the ocean gets lots of attention.

People say, ” I am looking for models that glow.” I am a model that glows. Hey! Look at my body. I spend lots of hours in the gym getting it to look like this. I am like a sculptor molding a work of art. I represent light and luster!