Another No!  Are your tired of receiving them?  Then...don't accept them!

I Can’t Stand Another No!

Do you say constantly, “Another No?” Life is full of day-to-day nos. Some cause smiles, others cause tears. Each one, when accepted as the foundation for reflective thought, inspires growth. Motivation and enlightenment can provide beacons of light that lead to a pathway of discovery.

What knocks you down can raise you up.  Another no can be an opportunity!

Exploring the Possibilities

Explore and discover that the same force that knocks you down, is also the one that lifts you up. When something is deeply desired, nothing can keep you down. Wallowing on the ground in self-pity, is not an option. An example of this is when a large foundation in Novi, Michigan told a small nonprofit that it could not be doing much if the budget was under $50,000, it proved that it could by giving FREE music lessons and instruments to several under-privileged children. Progress is not measured by numbers, but by the minds that are inspired. Many foundations seem to feel small nonprofits don’t count.


This magazine gives a list of foundations and companies that have declined support to a small non-profit named Educational Arts Society, based in Detroit.  It also investigated other small nonprofits experiencing the same thing. Several foundations require checking with them via phone before even applying.  The rejection letters below are authentic…only the names of companies, foundations and individuals have been changed.


Dear Dr. Speak the Truth,

Thank you for considering Made-Up Company as a sponsor for Community and Business Alliance Program. We carefully considered your request and, unfortunately, we are not able to provide a corporate contribution at this time. There are so many great programs in the community; however, we are not able to provide support for all of them.


As you know, MUN is committed to creating a healthier Michigan. One of the ways we do that is by supporting programs and partnerships throughout the state that encourage healthy, active lifestyles. If you are interested in learning more about our community programs and partnerships, please visit

We applaud the work you are doing in the community and wish you well on your program endeavors. You are making a difference.

Made-Up Name
Director, Community Responsibility
ABC Company

A Response by Educational Arts Society

Hello Ms. Made-Up Name,

Thank you for your response.

We have received many responses like yours, untruths … if you applaud us for our work why are you refusing to give us one red penny?  That makes it difficult for me to believe what you are saying.  At any rate, we are and will succeed, even with responses that are words that seem to say the truth but, are really not the truth.  The truth is, in spite of the humanitarian good we are doing, because we do not fit your “financial model,” you are refusing to help us.

Use a No to Speak the Truth

I am not angry, just honest.  How does it feel to write a bunch of untruths to people sincerely asking for your help?  You know … we live in a society where “telling the truth” is a novelty.

I am a very healthy person and am delighted I do not have to use your insurance, even though I have it.

Please don’t think I am weird because I choose to speak with honesty and integrity.  Thanks again for responding … some do not even do that.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Speak the Truth

Speaking the truth makes another no less stressful.


Blue Cross Blue Shield     Macy’s     Marshall’s   Hagopian   Chili’s    

Skillman Foundation     Joyce Foundation   Edmund F. and Virginia B. Ball Foundation      John R. & M. Margrite Davis Foundation     Hastings Mutual Insurance Company Charitable Foundation     J.C. Charitable Trust Fund     Bartsch Memorial Trust