Ignite the Christmas Spirit

Ignite the Christmas spirit! Reclaim the joys of Christmas! Give the gift of love…not hate! Stop breaking into your neighbor’s house . . . build your house on the rock of unity. Drive by shootings in darkness of thought. . . must evolve into the morning light of truth. Stop stroking race hatred . . . discover harmony and brotherhood.


Wrapping your arms around goodness, allows you to open your thought to peace and harmony. Go back to a Christmas that embraces a holy night, a night of silence as the Christ emerges in consciousness. It’s not a material gift that brings “joy to the world,” but a gift of grace. Let this season encourage you to spread “the joys of Christmas” with everyone you encounter.


As we approach the Christmas season, let us reflect on a time when we had a heart of contentment and hope. Dissolved fear, suspicion, doubt and mistrust and replaced them with trustworthiness, hope and tenderness. Today . . . we have to value truth . . . stop listening to lies. It is distressing to see how the values of our country have been dragged through the dust. Criticism is the norm . . . violence is a way of life, and tearing down supersedes building up. We select leaders whose characters are at the “bottom of the pit.” Again, I ask, “Who are we?”


“Trust the Eternal when the shadows gather, When joys of daylight seem so like a dream; God the unchanging pities like a father; Trust on and wait, the daystar yet shall gleam.”

Hymn 350: Christian Science Hymnal