“Children are our brightest lights,” is a phrase mankind has recognized since the existence of time. They gleam with innocence, radiate with curiosity and shine with acceptance. This article will look at three (3) bright stars who share the energy that makes them “sparkle.” Brian Reid, Kennedi Clark and Deraj Tigner “twinkle and beam” out their stories on a worldwide radio show called “Talk to the Author.” Nah-ah-ah, they are not authors yet, but give them a couple of years and they will be.

Three Bright Kids

Is School Fun?

Our three (3) young interviewees simply said “yes.” One is home-schooled and . . . he has a startling answer why he likes it! The other two (2) were slowed down by the pandemic but are now “back on track.” As I listened to these kids, I heard and saw our legacy. What they ingest today, will be regurgitated tomorrow. So, it is essential that we feed them “mental food” that can reshape the world.

Future Goal Setting

Guides to Goal Setting

Is it too early to lay the foundation that embraces children becoming “our brightest lights?” No! Goal setting is now! Then …comes action. Here are a few bullet points:

  • Seeds planted today the future will bloom.
  • Flowers of sweetness or fragrances of doom.
  • The legacies we share will live forever,
  • Bringing rays of light or stormy weather.

Goals Must Lead to Achievement

Unless that sparkle of action leads to achievement, goal setting has failed. Steps leading to achievement is a journey of progression.

Brian, Kennedi and Deraj have begun the journey. As they advance, “it takes a community!

Our Brightest Lights Continue to Shine


By Dr. Mamie Smith

Children are our yesterday, today and tomorrow,

Our peace, faith, hope and sorrow,

What will we leave for them to match?

What words, actions for them to catch?

Clouds of darkness or shadows of love,

Twilight or sunshine that flows from above.

Seeds planted today the future will bloom,

Flowers of sweetness or fragrances of doom.

Think brothers and sisters before we fight,

Let’s work together with all our might.

The legacies we share will live forever,

Bringing rays of light or stormy weather.

Quiet the discourse, smother the flame,

Stop calling others out of their name.

I choose peace that speaks to power

In this stressful, declining hour.

The time is now to lay the foundation

For the next, promising generation.

Let’s not fail to heed the call,

 Get it right, once and for all.


Let the children shine,

Let them speak,

They are yours; they are mine,

Let the children speak, let the children shine,

Let us leave no one behind.