World Falling Apart

Is your world falling apart? Does everything you touch blow up in your face? Have family and friends deserted you? Did you lose your job today? Do the stack of bills on the desk get higher each week? These are human hardships people are faced with daily. What do you do?

A world falling apart is not experiencing goodness.

Picking Up the Pieces

When your world falls apart, how do you pick up the pieces and put it together again? The first thing I do is claim my true identity. Why is that important? It forces me to let go of the mental pieces that seem to define my world. I erase from thought momentarily “My boss fired me today” or “I do not have the rent money and I may get evicted.” Picking up the pieces does not mean looking at each piece scattered about, it means finding a way to eliminate each piece. As long as these challenges are occupying your thoughts, there is no room for a solution. A bottle full of water has no room for anything else. So, it is essential to find a way to change your thinking. That means looking at yourself from a different perspective.

Re-Identifying Myself

Identifying ourselves allows us to make changes.

To re-identify myself, I need a source that is always there for me. . . loves me and never changes. That person is God. If you do not believe in God, turn to the closest person or thing that fits the three items mentioned. I call that God. You may have another name for it. God is Spirit that is ever present. I can turn my thoughts to him anytime and anywhere. I am never rejected. Experience has convinced me of his love which has never changed. Do I get what I want by feeling this way? No! But I do get what is best for me and all concerned. Most of the time, I do not see that right away. However, patience and faith make me “go there.” In so doing, I hear questions like “What do I hear God saying? What does it mean for God to love me? Would that love allow this to happen? Who is God? Can he hear me? What are some words that describe God?” All of these questions re-focus my thinking. The key to the questions is to mentally listen for answers.

Goodness Keeps a World from Falling Apart

Goodness that reaches beyond what you see, feel or hear physically, will keep your world from falling apart. Then. . . there will be no pieces to pick-up! Synonyms for goodness are words like integrity, dignity, righteousness, rectitude, honesty and morality. If your actions are foreign to these words, you need to take a look at what you are doing. Also, know that a thought precedes every action… sometimes conscious and sometimes unconscious. It is easy to blame others for hardships, but 99.9% of the time, we cause them with our own thoughts and actions. I did not realize how evil my thinking was until I began checking it out. Example: Someone cuts in front of me while driving . . . my thought …”idiot.” Idiot is not a word signifying “goodness.” Now, I mentally correct that thought. Remember, evil thoughts bring evil actions. Always, to the person having them.