Make Way Entertainment

Make Way Entertainment is a recording company.  Are you a musician?

Make Way Entertainment looks for musicians in several genres. Are you an artist searching for a home? We may be your sanctuary. Hey . . . you don’t know until you check us out. Like others, we strive to entertain. When life becomes dull and challenging, music is there to lift up.


Scoring again is what any music company likes to do. Make Way Entertainment is no exception! We have spent years working with new and upcoming artists and will continue to explore. Dobby Lyon is one of those artists. We constantly look for new ways for our artists to be seen and heard. Placing them in front of audiences worldwide is our motto.


Make Way Entertainment says, "Listen to this guy!"

Dobby Lyons, the Nigeria artist set to score a hit single with “Kpana,” is fast-moving as he climbs the ladder of success. His voice is gentle, yet sensuous, which matches the video . . . a display of imagination, seductiveness and vulnerability. The video uses imagination to accentuate the message of the song. Listen . . . observe how Dobby glides through the video with grace and confidence.

For bookings, go to Make Way Ent. and get this “guy” for your next extravaganza . . . click here. Lyons lives in Africa, and finding a way to bring him to America and placing him in front of large audiences is the goal.

Make Way Entertainment is a record label established in 2009 with a primary focus on creating some of the best music of today.  We began with putting the importance of our music creating process into the quality, where as time progresses, we are always able to stay innovative and ahead of the trend curve.  Our main requirement is pure honesty in all music.  We hold a firm belief that “truthfulness is the key to fruitfulness” (quote; Rafa Don).