The devil says, "Accepting responsibility is for fools.  Just lie about it and place blame on someone else!"


Accepting responsibility for actions committed is a personality trait too many individuals have not developed. Every excuse is given for not doing so. Such action reminds me of a sitcom where the main character claimed “The devil made me do it” when he shied away from responsibility. In reality, there is nothing funny about it. The truth is, each of us is responsible for his actions . . . no one else. However, there are two (2) ways to view that statement that comes to mind: one is true and the other is untrue. First, let’s deal with the one that shirks responsibility.

This image  shows the lack of responsibility a person accepts.


Firstly, there is a segment of society that believes it can do whatever it chooses if it satisfies its incessant desires. And, if for some reason, such a decision becomes disastrous, simply blame it on someone else. For four years, we saw that mentality played out over and over in the highest office of the land and those who supported that office. Fortunately, over 80 million Americans saw the danger in traveling such a pathway, and voted it out of office. Sadly however, over 73 million could not see anything wrong with such an immoral compass, and voted to keep it in power. Even though the 80 million won, there is a moral stain lingering in the minds and acitons of too many. This is the current state of America today. Some trying to take responsibility for actions past and present, and others using “the devil made me do it mentality.” They have not learned that it is easier to “destroy a house than to rebuild it.”

The conscience of Soul maps out a plan for accepting responsibility.

Secondly, the truth of the statement, “the devil made me do it” is the devil did make one do it. The devil is a consciousness that is filled with lies, deceit, greed, racism and man’s humanity to man. No on can deal with that devil but the consciousness that it dwells in. What do we do? We begin by accepting responsibility!


We change our thinking! Every person must search for and find that spiritual nature given to each of us by the Creator, God. Each of us has a silent, mental impulse that tells us when we are about to do something wrong. We have a choice to heed it or ignore it. Too many embrace the latter, and when the world of conscience fights back, the blame game begins. Each of us also has a “voice of soul” and can silence “the passions of the body.” The body being immoral thoughts and actions.


A few days ago, a 21-year-old white kid, killed eight people in Georgia . . . his “devil made me do it mentality” said, “I am addicted to sex, so I killed people whom I believe aided me in my addiction.” Human rationalization is astounding! Morality would have told him that if you have a sex problem, you have to seek human and spiritual help to remedy it. Killing someone else will not help you. He knew that . . . he is just playing the “blame game.” In the world we live in, there is always an opportunity to seek spiritual guidance. “I can’t help it because I am immoral” is, and never has been an acceptable answer. Like all evil, it’s a lie!