What will you say when it is all over?  I hope it is "I voted!"

What will you say? November 3rd has passed . . . and the results are coming in again. Are you surprised at the results of the election? Can you say “We did it!” or “What! How did that happen?” Right now, you have to admit you made a choice, and are partly responsible for the results! If you gave all that you could give, accept the results and prepare for the journey ahead. If you didn’t . . . hopefully your eyes are open.


What will you say?  Did I march?  Did I vote? Civil rights include all of us.

America must continue the path to becoming “a more perfect union,” and that journey has been halted by corruption, greed, inequality, power and systemic racism. The hearts of many people are cold, calculating and unjust. The voyage is long, the mountaintop in the distance, but the climb and pathway are ever before us. Will we meet the challenge, or will we fall by the wayside?


What are these hardships? We have a large segment of the country refusing to accept the voice of voters. Trump lost! Now . . .they lie, cheat, spend taxpayers’ money on recounts, lawsuits and insurrection tactics. Today, it was reported that 78% of Republicans do not believe President Biden is the President. It’s really sad. . . Even though we have never reached a “more perfect union,” we were closer than we had ever been in the history of the nation. With Trumpism at its highest level, let us not only figure out what we will say, but more importantly, what we will do. Each American must look inside of himself/herself and separate fact from fiction, morality from politics and good from evil. It is only then will we move the goal post toward justice and equality.


What do you say when you look at the flag?  Do only the white stars matter, or does it takes the stripes and all colors to make the flag complete?

Diversity defines America . . . every color in the rainbow matters! What do you say when you look at the flag? Do only the white stars matter, or does it take the stripes and all colors to make the flag complete? Justice is color blind.


How will we deal with these injustices? What are you voicing in your home and in your church? Do the school bells of freedom ring only for white children in securing a good education? Are our prisons filled with black and brown people inequitably? Do we continue to rip children from the arms of parents at the border? Where are the parents of the over 500 children the Trump Administration ripped out of the arms of many moms already? Will Breonna Taylor’s life still have no meaning? Will large portions of white Americans remain silent and enjoy their increased bank accounts/stock portfolios while black people are murdered by police in America?


What do you say?  Will you remain silent?  What will you do?  Silence is not golden when violence rips the nation.


As the ballot count continues to roll in, what did your ballot say? Did it address the person(s) who will alter the destructive course America has traveled for four years, or did it choose a person(s) who will move the country in a different direction? We all know what has happened the last four years . . .who has been hurt by thoughts, words and deeds, what did you do about it? Can you truly say to yourself . . . these four years have worked to make a country that moves toward “a more perfect union” or one that moves to keep white people in control at the expense of pain, suffering and destruction of others?

What does your soul look like to you?