Weep for the Children: I wept for the children. I wept for America. Prayer for America filled my heart and escaped from my lips. Falling on mental knees, I asked, “Let that mind be in (us) which was also in Christ Jesus.” However, my mind kept picturing little children drenched in blood–little children who a few hours earlier, thought school was a place to learn. What were their last thoughts? How did they feel when bullets ripped through their little bodies? How are loved ones coping? Finally: Why do we keep voting for people who seemingly have no conscience? Why do we listen to lies and excuses? There were so many questions . . . no answers.

Weep for the children!  Schools are not safe anymore.
The true nature of children is innocence and beauty.


Are there answers to lessen the possibility for a face like the one above, from being shot off with a gun that has no place in the hands of regular citizens? Yes . . . there are answers. It begins with 50 Republican senators, 2 Democrat senators and millions of Americans who keep putting them back in Washington. It continues with millions of Americans filling governorships and legislatures with corrupt, immoral and self-consumed individuals. We are the answers! Let’s stop playing the blame-game and take responsibility. This is America! We are supposed to be a democratic society. Let’s begin to act like it. Where is our courage? Where is our strength?

Voting for the Children

Why did I choose the 12 senators above? These senators were chosen because of the words they have spoken and actions that followed. This, however, does not excuse the other 38. All have “sat on their hands” and done nothing to curb the gun violence. The NRA’s wishes are more important. I shudder at the thought of how many people have been lost to violence since Columbine. Do they weep for the children? Their actions say, “No!” Let’s not forget the two democrats: Sinema and Manchin.

I hope you can sleep tonight knowing you have “blood on your hands!” All you had to do was vote to get rid of the filibuster. You did not! There is nothing sacred about it, and you know it and we know it. You placed “self” in front of saving lives of children. Yes. . . we are weeping for the children–all 19 of them and the countless more that have been killed.

Turn “Weep for the Children” into Action

Yes . . . let’s vote them all out! That is how we can “weep for the children!” Decades of shedding tears have gotten us nowhere. If something isn’t working, why keep doing it? This writer has “played all of the winning cards,” so I am “folding” by voting out as many as I can! You decide what to do! Make sure your decision lets you sleep at night! “Weep for the Children!”