A Prison Corrections Officer: Most people do not spend time in prison . . . many have never seen the inside of one. But those unfortunate people who end up there, experience a world that reflects the worst of humanity’s mindsets. What is it like to be a “normal-minded” person given the task of dealing with the prison population? This writer’s first thought is: It takes a special individual to do that and walk away not “soiled for life.” Joseph Spicer is such a person!

Author Joseph Spicer is also a prison corrections officer with a story to tell. Read his book: "I Will Not Be a Pawn."
Author Joseph Spicer The Writers Monthly Magazine

Moving From College to Prison

Growing up in a large family, Spicer was taught sound moral values like discipline, tenacity and patience. Hardwork has rested on his shoulders since childhood. Playing sports from high school to college, introduced him to the art of making practical decisions. Thus, when the opportunity to acquire a job with a decent salary and early retirement became available, he took it. This landed him in prison–prison as a corrections officer. At a very young age, Joseph was given the responsibility of dealing with hard core criminals. All of the values he had learned “came into play.”

Life as a Prison Corrections Officer

In his book, “I Will Not Be a Pawn,” Spicer talks about looking into the eyes of a murderer and asking one question. “Do you ever think about the person you killed?” He shares how prisoners learn respect and trustworthiness can be achieved, even in prison, but it has to be earned. Finally, in spite of the number of prisoners who return to prison, many are rehabilitated. Also, many go on to lead respectful lives in society. Walk over to Amazon and grab this book. But hear Joseph Spicer talk about it on “Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith” at 5 PM on June 12, 2022 on eamtradio.com.

Leaping Ahead with A Prison Corrections Officer Story

A Prison Corrections Officer’s Story! If you simply have to have a “slice of the story” in pictures, checkout the book trailer below. Find the author on Goodreads here. But. . . don’t forget your date with Author Joseph Spicer on June 12, 2022! EAMT – The Place 2B! See ya’!