Kids’ Books with a Purpose

Reading books with children is one of life’s great joys; picturing far off lands, rhyming words,
and even dreaming of make-believe animals! Imagination is a perfect part of childhood.
But as kids grow older, enter elementary school and begin to realize their connection to the wider
world, it’s also important to give them tools to imagine the here and now.
That’s where The Good Eggs Series comes in . . .

The Good Eggs Three-Part Series

The Good Eggs is a three-part series that teaches elementary-aged children about virtues,
diversity, and service, which are essential concepts to grow in a young person. They’ll meet
lovable characters like Megg, Reggie, Seggourney, Greggory, Peggy and Benedict. And their
teacher is Ms. Poach. Together the Eggs learn and grow!

Book One – Virtues

In Book 1, The Good Eggs, the Eggs learn about 12 virtues, such as understanding, gratitude,
generosity, and cooperation, to name a few. A situation occurs in each chapter that guides the
Eggs in acting with kindness.

Book Two – The Good Eggs Travel

In Book 2, The Good Eggs Travel the World, they journey around the world to learn about
diversity and visit 10 countries, such as Chile, Zambia, India, Norway, and more! They make
connections with other Eggs around the world and learn about language, customs, and culture.

Book Three – The Good Eggs in the Community

In Book 3, The Good Eggs in the Community, they return from their trip abroad and stay in their
hometown of Albumen to learn the importance of community service. They help children,
elders, animals, put on a health program, go to a food bank, and a nature center. They learn the
importance of being an active and integral part of their community.

And the best part about this series is that all net proceeds from book sales go to help The Good
Eggs Foundation, a nonprofit that assists kids in our metro Detroit area. The nonprofit grew out
of the book series, as I felt I needed to put the books into action. Once a month, I “egg” an
organization or family that may need assistance with children’s basic needs. And the mission
keeps growing – I look forward to the future of the foundation with great excitement!

The Good Eggs book series provides fun, adventure, and relatable lessons for children. In our
fast-paced, stressful, and often chaotic world, this series provides kids a respite that will take
them to a place of safety, goodness, and kindness in order to connect their hearts with their
heads, enabling them to develop their own self-esteem and character, along with positive
relationships with others.

Together. let’s help kids re-imagine a better world. For all things Good Eggs

Sandy (Ciaramitaro) Mals
Founder and President
The Good Eggs Foundation