How do good eggs win? The first time I heard the name “good egg,” my first thoughts wereWhat is a good egg? Is it a person, thing or concept? Does one embrace it or “run from it? If it is a person, how do you handle it? If it is a thing, how do you crack it open?” And finally, if it’s a concept, how do you apply it?” You may have similar questions. Here’s how you get the answers:

Discovering How Good Eggs Win

Meet Author, Podcaster and Good Egg Foundation Founder Sandy Ciaramitaro!  Sandy began her career as a morality, ethics, and social justice teacher in a Michigan private school.

That experience caused her to develop a Good Egg Book Series which aids children in the development of social values such as kindness, diversity, and service – virtues essential to a society where all may share equally. In other words . . . become a good egg!

Good Eggs Win in Many Countries

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Ms. Ciaramitaro will appear on “Talk to the Author with Dr. Mamie Smith” at 5 PM on Sunday, September 4, 2022 @ and explain how good eggs win in other countries. Grab the app here. You will hear detailed information about each book in the series, and how it has been used by various schools and communities. If you are lucky, you may be “egged” by Sandy’s foundation and get “goodies” for your organization.

Good Eggs Have Confidence

Courage is a quality of a good egg. Without it, fear seeps into one’s ability to face new challenges and meet new growth opportunities.

Remember, tune-in to EAMT-The Place 2B! on September 4, 2022 @ 5 PM. We’ll be there!