The TRUTH About Abortion

The truth about an abortion is that it caused many Americans, men and women, to assess what it means to intrude in someone else's life.

The truth about abortion is determined by the spirit of the person or organization speaking, and how the word “abortion” is defined. The word “abort” comes from the Latin word ” abortus” which means “to miscarry.” However, by 1610, the meaning has changed to: “to deliberately terminate.” In America today, the word abortion has a variety of meanings. This article will approach it from a moral or spiritual perspective. Prior to that, two commonly used meanings of abortion in America must be established.

What is Abortion?

Merriam-Webster says abortion is “the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus especially.”

The World Health Organization defines abortion as “a simple health care intervention that can be effectively managed by a wide range of health workers using medication or a surgical procedure.” The average person would simply say both definitions lead to one meaning, “an abortion is terminating a pregnancy.”

Somewhere in between those meanings, is the question, “Who has the right to terminate?” Some say it is the person who owns the body. Others say no… what I believe or adhere to, is what you should carry or terminate. Even though I do not share the pain, grief or joy physically or mentally that my decision dictates, I have the right to make you carry in your body what I say is right or wrong. Let’s look at that morally. What is the truth about abortion?

The human body does not define man.  That is the truth about abortion.

The Spiritual Nature of Man

The spiritual nature of man is eternal.  It cannot be eliminated.

The First Amendment of the Constitution gives each person the right to choose his religious beliefs. The U.S. government and laws of states have no right to force religious beliefs on anyone under this Amendment. Why? Because what one person defines as “life” may not be what another believes life to be. Consequently, those persons running around saying termination of a pregnancy at any stage is “killing a child,” is simply that person’s connotation of what life is. He/she is free to believe that if he chooses. Conversely, another person is free to not believe it. That brings up the need to define man biblically.

What is Man?

Two of my favorite verses in the Bible are Genesis 1: 26-27. They read, “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness . . .So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Most religions refer to a Supreme Being as something outside the human realm of thought. Christianity calls that Being, God. The Bible interprets God as Spirit. The last time this writer reflected on Spirit, it was not flesh, blood and bones, nor a fetus.

To further look at Genesis 1: 26-27, the man God created is in his image and likeness. An image is an exact replica of something. Therefore, if God is Spirit, man made in his image, has to be spiritual. So, a fetus is not the man God created as life. It is not “a being.” That which does not exist, cannot be killed.

Many Christians believe God is Life, and man’s ability to live and express the divine qualities of Life, God, is the true meaning of life. Some of those qualities include love, non-judgment and being about “my Father’s business” and not someone else’s business. That precludes a fetus or human body having the capacity to express life. Whether you agree with this explanation is entirely up to you. No one can “work out your salvation” but you. That is also true of what you believe life and man to be. However, there is nothing morally that says anyone has to agree with you. A person’s moral beliefs result from his or her own connection with a Supreme Being . . . not yours. That my friend, is biblical.

Beliefs Are Not Always the Truth About Abortion

The truth about abortion is that it is like many other beliefs...subject to a person's understanding of right and wrong.

The truth about abortion is like many other mortal beliefs, it is subject to each person’s understanding of right and wrong. Do we need human laws? Yes! There would be chaos in America if we did not have them! Laws that aid in the harmonious movement and mingling of individuals are expected and appreciated. However, those of us who believe in One God, also believe in God as One Individual. There is not another. Man, expressing the individuality of God, is one of a kind. He receives his direction and government from God. And . . . his true body is not flesh, blood and bones, it is his spiritual understanding of God. That is personal . . . no human law can manipulate or take it away.

What is the “takeaway” of this article? It is summed up in the picture above: “Believe what you like, just don’t force your beliefs on others.”