The Guitarist of Many Strings

The Guitarist of Many Strings: Most guitars have six (6) strings: EADGBE. However, the guy who plays a guitar can have many strings. Such is the case with John E Lawrence. The “strings of his life” connect to numerous “tuning pegs.” Those pegs have tightened or loosened the lives of people worldwide. As I pondered how to begin discussing the guitarist of many strings, a poem plucked at the chords of my mind.

His musical tones are a path of light,

Embracing souls with warmth and joy,

Rhythms that beat funky and bright

In the musical heart of a girl and boy.

A Strong Work Ethic

John spent thirty-six years (36) connecting to thousands of girls and boys. Not only did he share his musical abilities, but he also shared the depth of his true identity. That “deepness” stems from the examples expressed by his father. Young John observed a man of strength, courage, wisdom and impeccable skills. He didn’t have to read it in a book, he saw it played out in front of him. Therefore, the strong work ethic exhibited by Lawrence today, is immersed in the fabric of his being. That is who he is. His father, Hugh Lawrence . . .was his teacher. John continues to carry the torch.

A masterpiece CD by the guitarist of many strings.
The Masterpiece

A Masterpiece of the Guitarist of Many Strings

Watching John E Lawrence in a Youtube video as he meandered through the festive crowds, I detected a mental ease. His fingers caused musical melodies and rhythms to escape into the atmosphere, but they landed in the “souls” of his listeners. It was a sound, his sound. . . one only he could generate. Musical compositions may use the same notes, but it is the artist that makes the sound unique. John’s sound is his own! What are some of those sounds?

The Artistry of John E Lawrence: The Guitarist of Many Strings

Mr. Lawrence has revealed his artistry as the guitarist of many strings for decades. These strings connected to others as teacher, composer, author, performer and administrator.

The guitarist of many strings connects with other musicians to form The Summer Jazz Concert.

For thirty-six years, John was employed by Washtenaw Community College where he served as Chair of the Performing Arts Department and Head of the Music Performance Program. During his tenure, he created the “Living Legends Series.” This Series invited famous recording artists to share their life stories in front of “live” audiences. Familiar names that “graced the stage” were Mable Stables, The Four Tops, Ashford and Simpson, Earl Klugh and The Temptations.

Sixteen (16) instructional guitar books have been published by John, four (4) DVDs and ten (10) CDs have been recorded. His latest recording is “Velocity,” a single written by Jeffer Lorber and Lawrence, and released March 14, 2023. This composition is a “funky, smooth jazz masterpiece embellished by exciting, syncopated rhythms and a slick horn arrangement.” Hey, if you don’t have, get it!

In 2014, Mr. Lawrence became the Musical Director of the Empowerment Church, pastored by Reverend Dr. Carlyle Fielding Stewart III. Now…are you beginning to understand how this guitarist’s strings of life are connected to so many of life’s “tuning pegs?”

John E Lawrence Summer Jazz

The John E Lawrence 2023 Summer Jazz is delighting audiences far and wide. Grab a lawn chair and find your favorite spot @ Ford Lake Park, 9075 S. Huron River Park, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. 7:00 – 9:00 PM.

This writer has never met the “guitarist of many strings,” but I have connected with him through his musical artistry and devotion to humanity. However, I do plan to attend the Jazz Summer Festival on August 25, 2023! Saxophonist Duane Parham and The Parham Society will be “showcased!” My lawn chair is ready! And . . . just maybe . . . I will meet the guy! That dear reader . . .is the art of music!