Understanding True Intelligence

Understanding true intelligence is lacking in the world today. The most difficult thing about comprehending true intelligence is, man does not know he does not understand it. For centuries, psychologists have labored to clarify its meaning. Numerous theories link intelligence to one thing or another, but most agree it is mental, not physical. This article will focus on two (2) meanings of intelligence: one human and the other divine. No . . . dear reader, they are not the same.

Human Intelligence

Defining human intelligence is complex to human logic. Some researchers say it is “good sense” or “practical sense,” while others say it is “competence in problem solving” or “the ability to think rationally and deal effectively with (one’s) environment.” The most complete definition for understanding true intelligence, was found in Wikipedia. It states:

Intelligence is “the capacity for abstraction, logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving. ”

Wow! From a human perspective, that seems to cover all feelings, experiences and knowledge humans are associated with. And… I believe it fits the image above. Note the only part of the human body shown, is the head. The reason? Mankind believes the brain is the central force in achieving the eleven items our definition discusses. How does the “brain thing work?’

Understanding True Intelligence with the Brain

Physiologists and neuroscientists tell us intelligence stems from a network of frontal and outer parts of the brain. This wiring system (they say) has connection pathways across the entire brain that support cognitive functions. The image on the left, seeks to clarify this position. High intelligent people have a network “wired” differently from those with less intelligence. You determine the logic in this analysis. I say, “flesh is flesh.”

Conclusion: According to humans, intelligence is physical, identifying the brain as its source. Conversely, most religionists believe it is mental. One definition used by Robert Emmons is: Intelligence is “the adaptive use of spiritual information to facilitate everyday problem solving and goal attainment.” This writer sees logic in this meaning, but differs from the overall concept which brings us to the question: What does understanding true intelligence really mean?

Understanding True Intelligence Divinely

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Because locating an image to “head” this discussion was difficult, the one above is a good as most. Light (moving from earth to sky) is associated with spirituality by most visual artists when depicting spiritual intelligence. It is understandable why this is done. However, spiritual light is not seen by the human eye. It is mental–a level of thought that reaches outside of human vision and connects with God. Spiritual understanding which passes from God to man, is the key to making that connection.

Grasping that concept is challenging because humans believe “truth” is measured by the physical senses. It is not! To mentally connect with spirituality, one has to elevate thinking above or outside of anything the senses behold. Since reaching such a level is not a concept the world of education expresses, the mortal minds cannot comprehend it. Further, the definition of “spiritual intelligence” the image above quotes, falls short of its true meaning.

Divine Intelligence Defined

Divine intelligence is a reflection of the One Mind called God, Light, Universe or Allah. It represents eternal Truth, Life and Love. What does that mean? It means unless it is divinely true, or of divine nature and expresses unconditional love . . .it is not divine intelligence. I know. . . many will disagree. That which is perceived as truth by humans is only true because the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and physical touch say it is true. Therefore, we end up with changeable “truths” based on individual human experiences, tastes and beliefs. There has to be “something” beyond those beliefs. I refer to it as divine Mind.

Divine Mind is intuition, wisdom, clarity, memory, perception and logic. Nothing or no one transcends it. Since this Mind is the sole Creator, everything it creates, expresses it. Divine Mind is eternally good–nothing can be “put to it” or “taken away from it.” It is unchangeable Life and Love, governing everything according to Principle (divine Law). Mind should never be diminished by likening it to mortal mind. The two are opposites in every aspect of being. One is true, the other is untrue and one is mortal; the other is immortal. Whew! That my friends. . . comes from years of seeking and living divine wisdom and logic.

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Using the Bible as a Guide to Understanding True Intelligence

The Bible has been a guide for religions to “hang their hats on.” Though my understanding is based on years of digesting doctrine from several religions, I speak on the basis of spirituality not religion. This revelation results from metaphysical healings, using lessons taught and life lived by a man called Jesus. My book “Medicine: A Daily Dose of Spirituality” gives an accounting of such healings. No… I’m not trying to sell a book–just make a point. Today, my level of proving the truths of which I enunciate, reaches far beyond this book written in 2011. Spiritual growth is a day-to-day demonstration of divine Law. The more one demonstrates, the more he understands. If you “read” truths and not “practice” them, spiritual understanding does not reach fruition. It does little or nothing to read them.

Why did I take on such a monumental task as defining true intelligence? Because the moral values of Americans are in such spiritual disarray that a sense of right forced me to “speak out.” Change has to happen, or we are spiritually doomed. Virtues and rectitude must be at the core of what we think and do. And… we must choose leaders with the same values. Will this article change them? No! However, if one person’s thoughts reach a higher level . . . I have won.