I Shudder

I shudder: Why such a title? Because I shudder at many things happening in our lives today. Not only do I shudder, but I believe any moral and spiritually minded person should “quake” at things accepted as normal by many people. Consequently, this article will be devoted to what I believe the world should “quiver” about when such beliefs and practices reach fruition. However, first, let’s clarify what is meant by the word “shudder.”

In this article, shudder is defined as “a mental arousing of one’s moral and ethical values in opposition to thoughts, words or actions heard, witnessed and practiced.”

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Every moral minded person should shudder when a society omits the demonstration of moral and ethical values in its development and implementation.

I Shudder: A Sense of Entitlement

What is a sense of entitlement? One article defines it this way: “A sense of entitlement is a personality trait based on the belief that someone deserves special treatment or recognition for something they didn’t earn.” Many groups in America believe this is at the core of white supremacy.

White supremacy is a belief that the white race is superior to any other race, inclusive of red, yellow and black. And… because they are white, they are entitled to special treatment. Further, entitlement says, other groups should deny themselves to serve the notions and desires of whites. Therefore, freedoms for others are limited, laws obeyed differently, justice discriminately applied, social norms based on the needs of whites, and economic development that serves whites first and everybody else thereafter. Civil rights become what whites say is “civil and right.” Thus, the battle between other groups and whites is and has been, to gain equality, not control.

Voices of Anger and Hate

“The recent FBI hate crime statistics for 2022 reveal that hate crimes persist at the highest levels in over a decade. These crimes disproportionately target victims based on race, ethnicity, or ancestry, with Black individuals being among the most frequently affected. Additionally, antisemitic hate crimes have risen by 25% . . .”

What causes a person to hate? There are many surface reasons, but the underlying cause of hatred is when a person feels threatened by something or someone. He believes that “something or someone” will cause him emotional, physical or financial pain. Other reasons are fear and loss of power. The person feels something is taken away from him. White Americans have been the force of power and control in America since its inception. And some are willing to start another civil war if anyone tries to take it away. Fear is a strange “animal.” In most cases it is not built on fact, but on a perceived truth or fact.

This is the current mental awareness of many Americans today. Consequently, reaction to hatred, fear and loss of power, is violence. Numerous white militant and hate groups “popped up” during the Obama Administration and continue to grow. Unfortunately, violence never gets to the core of hatred, it only magnifies it. Presently, that growth has developed in what is referred to as MAGA…meaning “Make America Great Again!”

Leadership and MAGA

“Make America Great Again” is viewed by many people of color as “Make America White Again!” Further, it is seen as a “warmed-over” version of Jim Crowism, segregation and white power. Former President Donald Trump campaigned on that theme, demonized the Obama Administration and won the 2016 election. Loyal followers viewed him as “telling it like it is” and jumped on his emotional band wagon. Millions continue to follow him today.

What did America gain with such an ideology? That is unclear. What is clear, is what was lost. Over 1 million American lives were lost because of the mishandling of the worst pandemic the world has witnessed in modern times. Mass killings reached unheard of proportions with key politicians doing nothing to remedy the problem; women lost control of their bodies; leaders continue “hate” speeches; and January 6, 2022, will go down in history as a “modern-day insurrection.” I shudder!

“Pray” Away Mass Killings: I Shudder

Every time I hear “There was a shooting in,” I shudder. How many people must die before key politicians take military-style weapons out of the hands of ordinary citizens? Where is America’s sense of morality? When does a distorted sense of the Constitution rule over common sense and decency? Why does the love in our hearts continue to be blinded by the greed in our hearts? As a staunch believer in spirituality, it is difficult to wrap my head around those politicians who block gun reform, and then tell us to “pray for grieving families.” What hypocrisy! Yes…I do pray–pray that truth finds its way into their hearts and demand “practice,” not empty words.

America Chooses Lies

Millions of Americans close their eyes to truth. Therefore, for some political leaders, lying is the pathway to success. The Republican Party has supported a President for years who seemingly has no concept of the phrase “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Even charges that he instigated an insurrection has not dimmed their support. I shudder.

Fortunately, more Americans recognize truth, have a moral sense of responsibility and reject the lies and immorality that have pervaded our nation. But for others, there is a strong desire to place that President in the Oval Office in 2024. Despite the 91 criminal charges against him…he is their choice. This writer does believe in “truth,” and here’s why?

Blessings of Liberty. . . To Our Posterity

The wisdom of our forefathers guided them in writing a precursor to the Constitution that would “secure blessings for (themselves) and (their) posterity.” We are that posterity, and the same obligation falls on our shoulders. Christianity, which is what the majority of Americans lay claim to, admonishes us that to receive those blessings, our hearts must be pure. A pure heart does not construct a foundation with lies, build a culture where one group is superior to all others, close its eyes to obvious ways of diminishing the murder of children in schools, nor allow government to take away individual rights. These are human beliefs, not divine understanding. If we wish to continue to lead the world in human rights based on divine rights, we cannot use the current Republican Playbook.

God is not a politician; he is divine Principle. Divine Principle is divine Law. Divine Law is Truth, Life and Love. What we see from the Republican leadership is in direct opposition to that Law. Hatred, violence, deceit and greed constitute a “house built on sand.” It will collapse. In spite of America’s dark history, it has always moved toward “a more perfect union.” That movement was sometimes at a snail’s pace, but still we moved. World leadership was acquired because of the values most of us hold. Those values bless not only us, but our posterity. Living those values establishes justice, ensures domestic tranquility and promotes the welfare of everyone.

Let’s continue to “shudder,” and use that shuddering to create a “more perfect union.”

After all: We Are the People.