The People Elected Democracy

The mid-term elections are over! Who won? Answer: The people elected democracy. History will reveal many answers to that question. However today, Americans wearing the banner of freedom, will agree with the writer. How will I defend such a statement? Keep reading . . .

Democracy is the choice of the people.  What would an America be without it?

Democracy Was on the Ballot

Perusing my ballot, many names and proposals jumped out at me! The names represented blaring faces stamped on my memory–faces that promised to abolish women rights or decide whom everyone in America should marry. Another name said, “I will take away your voting rights! Then . . . I heard from someone else, “I don’t care how many kids are drenched in blood from bullets, I treasure my assault rifle!” The loudest voices were advocates of aristocracy and dictatorship!

Paul Manafort was one of the worst examples of democracy.  Money and power motivated his actions.

Speeches Expressing Conspiracy Theories

The picture above, published by The New York Times, reveals Paul Manfort, a staunch Trump supporter, led from the courtroom after his conviction of tax and bank fraud. He was later paroled by Former President Trump, whose administration “reeked” of lawlessness and conspiracy theories. President Trump was the strongest distributor of such theories and many Republican candidates followed closely behind. The country was in an upheaval with lies and conspiracy theories. They occurred one after another, keeping minds and bodies in a state of turmoil and disarray. It was so-o-o mentally draining! Many political pundits believe the 2022 Election marked a turning point in such confusion. So… the people voted for “mental normalcy.”

I ask Republicans, "How could you sit by and do nothing while a plan was drawn up to destroy democracy?  The people elected democracy.

The Insurrection Framed My Ballot

As I stared at the slate of Republicans and Democrats on the ballot, pictures of the insurrection played havoc with my thoughts! Which candidates and Party supported and denied it took place? Who were the people the President had (according to the January Sixth Committee) brought to the capitol to prevent “the peaceful transfer of power?” Since childhood, I had been taught the Capitol is a place to be respected and cherished because the laws that govern our nation were made there. And . . . the ballot screamed at me, “The person who held the highest office in the land brought them there!” Was that an act of democracy or domestic terrorism?

We the "the people" elected democracy.  Let's join hands and defend it!
Join Hands for Democracy

The People Elected Democracy

A voice whispered, “It was domestic terrorism,” and you are one of ‘the people.’ So, decide . . . do you wish to live in a country like Russia or North Korea?” No! I heard myself say. Having lived in two countries as a military wife, I could only answer: America, with all of its faults, is the only place I wish to live. And, as one of “the people,” this is my chance to make it better. We must elect democracy. As I await whether Democrat or Republican will control Congress, my heart tells me . . . we won . . . because the people . . .elected democracy.