Define Yourself

Self-identity is key to self-respect. How do you define yourself? As I watched the horrific scenes from Israel occupy my television screen, thoughts of responsibility and accountability filled my thoughts. First, who are the people the world calls Hamas? Secondly, is anything worth the inhumanity Hamas unleashed on mankind? Thirdly, how does the world hold them accountable? Sadly…no immediate answers sprang forth. So, I turned my efforts toward asking each person to discover his inner self.

Choosing a Path of Direction

The words the image above espouses, gave me pause. Taking that mental break, caused an essential line of questions and thoughts. The mental analyzation went something like this: Holding a grudge is allowing the perpetrator to control one’s thoughts, words and actions. Correction means getting to the core of why we feel the way we do about any experience, condition or individual. Do we seek revenge, or do we seek justice? Many would answer by using “the eye for an eye” concept, while others would say, “Turn the other cheek.” I will leave it to you to decide which “train to ride.” My decision is to create a mental mirror for readers to stand in front of.

Define Yourself

“To thy own self be true,” is a simple sentence, but a powerful message. Lying to ourselves is habitual for humans. Unless we have a thick, moral fiber, it is easier to pretend. . . ask ourselves easy questions and forget the hard ones. Why is it necessary for us to understand who we are? We are part of the world! Each personal thought and action make the world what it is. Starting with self and correcting evil thoughts, contributes to world peace. The poem written by “yours truly” will not allow you to do that. . . if you choose to answer honestly.

Define Yourself

Stand before a looking glass,
Ask yourself what you see,
Do you except, or do you pass?
Are you what you'd like to be?

Analyze the measuring stick,
You hold firmly in your hand,
Is it a tool love would pick,
Or one a peaceful mind would ban?
Now's the time to make a choice
Of the good and the bad.
Will you shun the evil voice
Shouting words to make you mad?

Do you smile when words berate
Other people unlike you?
Agree with messages of hate
Of the old and the new?

Close your lips when lies are spread
On policies you disagree,
Consequences you don't dread
Results are what you want to see.

Cries of "Murder, hang and kill,"
You pretend not to hear
Swallowing such a small pill
Is worth the "prize" you hold dear.

Nothing "trumps" loss of power
In this one...defining hour.

Defining oneself takes courage, principles and the desire to find and demonstrate truth. In today’s world, truth is a scare commodity. That’s not a criticism . . . it’s a reality. America is the leading country in the free world. Yet, many leaders consistently lie about “everything!” The sad part is, voters keep putting them in as leaders. That says to most truth-seeking minds, lying is acceptable, necessary and a way of life for the voter also. Those are the principles you “hold dear,” otherwise, you would not allow them to lead you. Take a mental picture of yourself!

Pause a moment, seriously go through each verse in “Define Yourself,” and do just that. Define Yourself!