Discovering Your Life Purpose

Discovering your life purpose is not a topic many people spend time thinking about. Why? Because “unearthing” the pathway in life is not based on purpose, it’s based on desire. During adolescence, teenagers have mapped out a plan. Quickly one hears, “I wanna’ be a doctor,” I going to study to become a lawyer or “My mother is an actress, I’m going to be one.” Desires have many faces: money, power, prestige and “be likes” are among them.

This article will focus on “discovering your life purpose” because you understand what true life is.

What is Life?

This image reveals that you will have challenges as you progress through life, but it is not that you have them that is important, it is how you respond to them.  Each challenge, if handled with grace and love, will prepare you in handling the next one.

The quote by Lou Holtz which says, “Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it,” is the beginning of understanding the true meaning of life. It is the ninety percent that describes how a person defines life. Let’s look at a couple of life definitions.

Merriam-Webster defines life as “the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body.” Hearing that definition, I would ask, “What is a dead body?”

Britannica defines life as “any system capable of performing functions such as eating, metabolizing, excreting, breathing, moving, growing, reproducing, and responding to external stimuli.”

This writer sees life as a “divine intelligence operating outside the realm of human logic and understanding, which has the power to connect with human thought and transform it into that which is divine.The question then becomes “How is the connection made.

Transformation of Thought

Making a spiritual connection with the divine means leaving or erasing human thoughts and replacing them with divine ones.

The first step in transforming human thinking into divine is recognizing that human intelligence has no real foundation of existence. It is based on theories, beliefs and human practices. Once that is understood, the second question becomes, “How do I discover what is divine?”

A starting place to begin is the Bible! Many people shy away from reading that holy book because of perceived lack of understanding or do not wish to be thought of as “kind of crazy.” That’s where thought transformation has to begin. Are you doing this for someone else or yourself? Secondly, understanding comes from seeking understanding. If you don’t seek. . . you won’t find! Look for informational sources that have spiritual messages; articles that spell out what divine qualities are and readings that give you a sense of peace. Use a Bible concordance and read and digest verses dealing with life. Progress will come. How do I know? I did it!

Discovering Your Life Purpose

As the true meaning of life begins to reconstruct your thought, actions will follow. My first transformation of how I perceived life gave me seven (7) simple words: “Life is the divine activity of thought.” It took another few years to fully understand what those words really meant, but I had begun the process of regeneration. The more I understood the concept of life, the better I understood my purpose in life. Have I reached the ultimate? No! But I have begun the process. My purpose maybe different from yours. Each one of us has a distinct purpose because we have a unique life. The purpose maybe different but the achievement of that purpose will be based on the same divine qualities-qualities like: faith, hope, love, wisdom, reasoning, peace, warmth, justice, order, mercy endlessness, perfection, honesty, integrity and purity of thought . . . to name a few.

The journey maybe endless but discover how much joy you will have . . . along the way!